Copyright, Naomi

i feel the pain as it filters through my body
it tears holes in my flesh
releasing all my pain and sorrows
it is a sweet sweet pain
as the knife twists and turns
it sends shivers up my spine
i no longer mind the hurt
i watch the blood trickle down my arm
deaths got to be easy
cuz lifes so hard
i feel the pain
as it leaves my body
i take one more slice
and say goodbye to nobody
whats the point of living
if u have nothing to live for
i take my last breath
and fall to the floor


Copyright, Naomi

Drying my tears
I wipe my eyes and take a breath
Pretending not to feel a thing
Takes all the strength that I’ve got left.

Stepping out into the world
Afraid of what I’ll meet this time
But fear is only the beginning
Of what’s on my mind.

Keeping my head low
I walk alone out of sight
In search of a safe shelter
Doubting I’ll live out the night.

Walking through this darkness
I ignore what my head chants
Of what is following close behind me
I don’t dare take a glance.

Fearing so hard I start running
Towards what, I do not know
Unaware of where I’m going
I’m just letting myself go.

Falling through the darkness
From emptiness and towards
Leaving behind the dream world
Going back to all that was.

Finding myself sitting now
On a strangely familiar floor
A blade outstretched — I’m ready now
I know I’ve been here before.

Cutting through the anger
The hatred and the pain
Glad to let it all out
But then again, ashamed.

Shaking from the violence
Angry at what I let myself do
I’ve no self-control and I know it
But there’s no one to turn to.

Drying my tears
I wipe my eyes and take a breath
Pretending not to feel a thing
Takes all the strength that I’ve got left.

Goodbye My Love

Copyright, Naomi

Pain I feel
Deep down inside
Scars unhealed
And opened wide

I cut them bigger
Each time I cry
I am a cutter
I want to die

I’m told there is
A god above
But if there is
Where is his love?

He doesn’t show me
The way at all
All I’ve seen
Is a never-ending hall

Full of spiders
And creepy things
I am not a fighter
I am inside my ring

In my hand
Is a knife
As I struggle
For my life

I ask the demons
That watch me lie
To do one thing
Before I die

To take a vile
Of my blood
And give it to
My one true love

So he can have
Part of my soul
And then forever
Be the one to hold

What was his
And his alone
And that way maybe
He will be shown

A better path
For him to follow
And then his heart
Will never be hollow

And my last words
Are not denied
For my last words
Are “Goodbye,

Goodbye my love
Now this you know
That up above
I will not go

But when you go there
Please be free
But as my angel
Don’t forget me…”


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