Falling Down

Copyright, Nic

Deep underground
The forces pull at my withered shredded skin
Stripping my body of all sanity.
Bare, naked, cold
As the forces take hold,
Pulling me down in the dark depths.
All my fears,
All my tears,
Draw closer with every tug.
The black hole,
My own dark soul
Swallows me, bit by bit.
Shaking me
Breaking me
I slowly fade away.

Living Lie

Copyright, Nic

As I run through the carriages,
I find no escape.
The never-ending carriages,
The never-ending lie.

To find an exit,
To find room to breathe.
The never-ending carriages,
Like the never-ending lie.

The tears that I cry,
The hands I fight back,
The reality I cease to accept,
In this never-ending lie.

The strength I do not feel,
The struggle I feel upon my helpless soul.
The silent cries of help,
My eyes plead for some existence.

Someone to help me,
Someone to cure me.
I reach out for a hand, so many so willing,
Yet none touch, no grip I feel
Strong enough
To pull me out of my depression.

As I run through the carriage,
I find no escape.
The never-ending carriages,
Like my never-ending lie.


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