Invisible Scars

Copyright, Nadia

I’m locked in my room,
and hope these walls will save me
I remember feeling much more
than just so lost and empty
These thoughts in my head
they make me crazy
just as knowing, that no one can help me

No, I’m not alone anymore,
‘cuz here’s this knife
and I need the pain to understand,
that i am still alive

I see the blood, i feel the pain
Should i smile, or should i cry?
I don’t mind, it’s all the same
My reason is you,’cuz you still deny me

i scar myself, can’t you see?
And I really wish, that wouldn’t be me

You just say “cheer up, my emo kid”
but deep inside you don’t give a shit
All you do is pretend to care,
although you know that isn’t fair
No, you just don’t have a clue,
what I am going through

I pray, someday this pain will go away
I pray, I won’t care about the things you say
I pray someday I won’t have to runaway
But I guess, this time never comes anyway

Glasses are breaking,
‘cuz my hands are shaking
The time fades away
just like my tears
But i still feel it clearly,
after all this years
I don’t need a razorcut anymore
to escape this pain
I’m clean, now
And all I feel is this endless shame
Ashamed of acting like I did
Ashamed of doing those things just to get rid
To get rid of the pressure, to get rid of the pain
Now I’m sure, I’ll never be the same


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