Feelings for Emotion

Copyright, Nathan

I hide my feelings beyond the deep
and let my wounds for ever seep.
I can t think when this is in my head
I just take the sharp within my bed.
I cry and cry until blood confides my pain
My one friend tells me “there is nothing from this to gain”.
I try and listen to the positives beyond my vein
I just can t endure when my soul rots with the darkened rain.
I am addicted to an unhealthy expression
This over-rides my life with only one question.
Why is my life filled with so many cuts?
When I know that I burrow my strife into my guts.
Hating to know the way I really am
And knowing I cut for the weak of the slam.
I cut and I cut until there is nothing left.
Thinking my heart and soul went into theft.
I look at my cuts, and watch them bleed
It looks like a flower without any seed.
I smile and I cry knowing the truth within
Knowing im gay fuck it it s not a sin.
I could keep going for hours till end
And nothing I say will make these cuts defend.
So here is my life, as I smirk with the rot
I will keep going, but look what I got.


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