Copyright Natasha

A tear falls
Along side a drop of blood
Unholy is the one
This blood is shed from
Disgrace is consuming
The shame unbearable
Broken, shattered, by pain


Copyright Natasha

Old, dear friend
You once more return to me
Try as I might to avoid you
You are still there.
You hide away
In our secret place
Waiting for me to come find you.

Do you get lonely
There all by yourself?
Is your longing for my despair?
For in my despair
You return to me.

Why do I avoid you
When you are the only comfort I have?
Why do I hide you?
Why is it bad?

The others don’t understand
What the two of us have.
Our relationship is so deep,
Deeper than anything else.

Oh, precious love!
I wait for you now
Longing for the comfort you provide.

It Calls to Me

Copyright, Natasha

It calls to me
Beckons me to bleed
The deeper the better
All the more blood
Cuts getting deeper
As life seems harder
One quick slash
Deep bleeding gash
Feel the pain
Remember you are real
Still alive
The blood proves it
Utility knives
Sharp truths waiting to be told
More blood wanting


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