Copyright, Nichole

You prolong the death, fantasize the pain.
Uncover the truth, standing in the rain.

You know you want more, to compensate the loss.
But somethings are impossible, you can’t fight the chaos.

Dragging slowly, but sometimes you move to fast.
You don’t think bout the consequences, until the blast.

Dripping from the extended, red glares in your eyes.
People ask you what happened, but all you can tell are lies.

All they want is to help, but you know your helping yourself.
Your plan it to keep quiet, hold everything in itself.

I wanna scream out, I LOVE THE WAY IT FEELS.
But i’m sorry, if you found out, it would only bring on tears.

I can’t hide the truth, you have to understand.
I’m trying so hard, but its not enough to withstand.

It’s eating at my heart, and cutting at my skin.
You look down at your paper, writing it all down in pen.

What if i don’t want it known, why do you keep asking me to tell.
Your about to send me into a craze, and i’m going to yell.

Just back off for now, it will be known when i want.
But never expect to tell many, it’s not something to flaunt.


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