Death Frozen in Ice

Copyright, Brother

Where did i go wrong?
how have i managed to live this long?
Every time that i writes a poem or song
a part of me finds its way back home.

A hole in my mind so wide
emptiness and confusion are piled up inside
I have now ran out of places to hide
i want to disappearwith the tide.

Why am i under the waves of despair?
why to me has life always been so unfair?
I don’t know when i lost the need to care
or how i missed out on having my share.

For if this is all life can offer me
it might aswell not bother me
Because too much sadness covers me
and confusion it forever smothers me.

When will this all end?
how much further down must i descend?
Because if i am to suffer time and time again
then the day will come and i’ll have to say when.

A pain buried inside of me so deep
i have a longing to fall asleep
I feel somebody maybe me has cheated me
life for sure it has cheated me.


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