How It Happens

Copyright, Briana

Happiness is now a thing in my past
All the stress has caused this mess
Now all I can do to hide the pain is hurt my self inside and out
No one knows how I feel or how I think
All they do is say im weak
They dont live my life
There not in my shoes
My life is not even bad
Why do I do it
Is it for the look
Or the feeling
Help me find this out
I would never take my life or any one elses
I will not deny I feel pain inside
But why I have a good life
I have no reason
I just keep making excuses to do it
I get pissed and the drop of a pen
I cry and I dont know why
It hurts to not understand myself
I know people think I am a phycopathic freak but im not I am simply a soul that needs help


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