Black Widow

I’m Always Alone

Copyright, Black Widow

The cuts i do to myself go only skin deep,
the pain within me is so much more.
It maybe hard but i will not weep,
though the feeling of guilt i cannot ignore.

I tell only afew how im feeling inside,
But how can anyone else understand.
During the days when im numb in a void,
they think im just seeking attention, offhand.

I cling to sanity with whats left of my being,
but i feel so often it gently slipping away.
People stare at me sideways but not really seeing,to them im just another
stranger, to me nothing they say.

In my head im not here in this heaven thats hell,
but my body and agony remain in abyss.
And i struggle through the day till after nights fell,
Inside though im burning and my screams never cease.

My Souls Apologies

Copyright, Black Widow

Dont look at me,
i am not here.
Dont apologise,
you look sincere.
Do not tell me all the things,
you never said before.
For the guilt inside your heart there is no redeeming cure.

Ill be watching you,
though i am not here.
I ill apologise,
though my heart is filled with fear.
I can no longer say the things,
I never said before.
let it be known that though im gone ill be forever yours.

My Wrist is my Paper

Copyright, Black Widow

my wrist is my paper
my knife becomes pen
as i write of emotions
i never felt then
in the days of humor
long lost in haze
i will be gone now
and return to past days
im at peace once more


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