Stuck in the Dark

Copyright, Brooke

I’m stuck in the dark
I can’t get up
I’m stuck in the dark
Someone please help
Now I need you
You look away
I’m stuck in the dark
And you don’t care

Killed Yourself

Copyright, Brooke

We were friends
This is true
Untill the night
You got an idea
I wouldn’t come
So you put the gun to your head
Pulled the trigger
Now your dead

I Said No

Copyright, Brooke

Leave me alone
I said no
But you don’t care
You’re strong
I can’t last another blast
I strive
You laugh
I feel so weak
Can’t protect myself
Finally I run
You threaten
I stay
I remember the day so clear
Love is what I wanted
That’s not what I got
Instead was pain

Go Away

Copyright, Brooke

You broke me
Look what you’ve done
But now I’m gone
You keep me up every night
scared that I might see your sight
Go away
Stay away
Stop denying what you did that night
Those drugs
That knife
You hurt me
I won’t forget
How cruel you were to me

I Trusted You

Copyright, Brooke

You stand there and look at me
While I’m here in misery
The blood running down my face
You didn’t leave a single trace
You sit there in denial
Well now I’m weak and you are strong
How could you be so wrong
I trusted you
Now look what you’ve done

I Need to Cut

Copyright, Brooke

That knife
To slice
Is what I want to do.
That blade
The flesh
Goes together too.
The pain
Plus blood
It’s like a flood of relief
It’s just breif
But one moment
Is all I really need

It Didn’t Go Away

Copyright, Brooke

These white sheets enfold me
But their warmth drains away
The cold edges come closer
I can’t make them leave
I don’t want to

I want the cold on my flesh
To rip it open and bleed these veins
These veins that run with empty dreams
and shattered hope

The everything
sifts into a blur around my edges
Why won’t things get clearer?
I can’t see
what the point is in anything

Tear me apart
My heart bleeds
And there’s no clot
But the flow is endless
and it’s seeping through my chest
Black as the night
A night without glitter

There’s no shine in this story
only pain
Every drip of happiness
sinks to the pits of evil
The emptyness is all that makes sense

I don’t care if you don’t understand
You weren’t meant to
Blow out the light
I need the dark
Close my eyes
Fade out
Give up all hope
Time to wakeup
Another fake smile
A dead soul
walking through the halls
in an empty body

It’s Going To Happen

Copyright, Brooke

Don’t stop me
Please don t stop me
I have to do this
It’s got to happen
You can t understand
The urge is too much
It’s so strong
It’s taking over
Just let me give in to it
I have to give in
I want to give in
I’m in control
I know what I’m doing
I want this to happen
I don t want your judgments
I don t need your judgments
Get out of my head
Why do you care what I do?
Live life for yourself
I’m living mine for me
I’m giving in
I’m giving up
The voice is slowly fading
It’s faded to the back of my mind
Who cares what the fuck it says?
Life hasn t been lived
What the fuck does a voice know?
Give in
Just do it
Give it up
It’s not a matter of caring
It’s a matter of life
My life is only mine
I’m giving in
I’m coming closer
Wipe it clean
Slice it deep
Watch it bleed
I feel at peace
Relief flows through me
It’s over now
I’ve done it
I cover it up
So no one can see
They won t understand
I can t let them see
Keep it a secret
Keep it all a secret
I gave in
I gave up
Release is here
The tension s gone
But I’m not okay
I ll never be okay
Leave me alone
You ll never understand anyway


Copyright Brooke

My world is a black hole
where nothing is ever right
where I cut just to know I’m alive
I bleed to feel
all this seems like a dream
it doesn’t seem real
how can so much pain be for one person
where faith isn’t anything anymore but a name
and love is dead… it has gone and faded
and friends aren’t for anything but stabbing you in the back
the world is full of nothing but ugly colors
the beautiful ones are the ones inside the people
but they too… have drained and faded
and the color red is the only color I see anymore
red is my escape into my own little world
when I bleed I am free
everything’s fine for that one moment
but nothings okay
it never was
it never will be
things won’t change
you don’t care for anyone but yourself
you all are too wrapped up in your own business… your own lives
that you can’t see
you can’t see a hurting bleeding little girl
because when you look you don’t really see anything
you are blind to the oblivious
your eyes burn holes right through her
you don’t understand
you don’t know why
but she is too broken
too broke to be fixed and noone can fix her
I’m torn apart
begging to be stitched back together piece by piece
where everyday is like hell
where being here I burn and rot
forever I will burn and rot in this world for eternity

Dead Mans Dance

Copyright, Brooke

message: my razor dance on my flesh
im dancing the dead mans
hoping to end all my
wishing it would all
hoping it will
praying for
eventually all the pain
everything stops…
I stop


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