Copyright, Bleednsilence

I’m feeling lost in a forest of darkness
As I write this song
Engraved on the wall
Screaming to you
But where did you go?
I’m lost and I can’t find my way

I’m crying out loud
Seeming to never make a sound
You’ll never run back to me
As I write this song
It’s engraved on the wall

You’re nightmares tormenting my soul
Over and over
I’m pouring my heart over here
Were you belong, but you haven’t
Returned with the same
Engraved in my mind is a lie
You knew I hate
It’s engraved in the back of my head

There’s an empty place
Staring at me in my room
Outside on the street
I cried where I laid

All the bruises invisible
While my arms are soaked in blood
I’m draining the pain that won’t stay inside
Don’t let me be erased
Just engrave the remains


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