If They Knew

Copyright Bethanne

Fears run silent in the minds of those who know,
they know i am giving up on life and that i am finally ready to go.

Knowing that at any given moment I could take my own life,
grabbing the nearest thing..whether it be a gun or an inviting knife.

The next morning them finding me in a pool of blood dead,
lifelessly sprawled out in my hellish, crimson stained bed.

Them knowing that to take my life was a choice that i had made,
would unforgivingly haunt them. and the flashes and memories of me would never fade.

Them always feeling guilty, thinking its their fault.
Them watching me be buried and put in my grave to rought.

This is a lesson that i have learned the hard way, not one that i’ve been taught.

That who in their right mind would ever kill themself, if they really took it to thought.

They need to know that suicide would never be an option for me,
its unbearable effects it has on others, i have seen.

I know this has been a growing fear factor in the hearts of many of my friends,
as they watch my life sift away, into the cracks, beyond where it can mend.

But for you my strength, my confidence and my friends,
i would never take my life for my unconditional love and respect for you will never end.


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