My Release

Copyright, Bat

Anger released,
Sadness forgotten,
All washed away
With the blood.
The blood drawn
By me, by my knife,
That stops me
>From ending it all.
Who would have thought
that a few red drops
could save a life?
Could save my life?
Sometimes it’s not a few,
It’s more than that.
At the bad times
I cut so much.
But it doesnt hurt,
not anymore,
Now I must cut deeper
to get what I need.

Something and Everything

Copyright, Bat

I miss you.
Miss you with my blood.
I let my blood go
To find you,
And bring you back.
You bleed too,
But not for me.
I don’t want you to bleed,
It’s different for me.
I care for you,
No one cares for me.
It doesn’t matter if I bleed:
No one would miss me
If I went that bit further.
I tried today.
You weren’t here to stop me,
I couldn’t stop myself,
And nobody else cares.
I don’t even know if you do,
But I like to kid myself.
It helps to have something,
Something to cling to
In the darkness,
When I’m at my lowest,
When I need someone there.
Even when you’re not,
I pretend you are,
I look at your picture
And I think;
I think how happy you make me,
I think how much I love you.
And sometimes it calms me,
Sometimes not,
Sometimes it makes it worse,
But it’s worth a try.
Something to me give hope.


Copyright, Bat

I stand here on the edge,
I won’t jump, I will fly.
Fly away beyond human eyes,
To a place where there’s only love.
One day you will join me.
And you will love me.
For there is no hate.
All that is wrong
Will be right,
And all that is right
Will be divine.
Together we’ll be,
Protected by the Angels of God.
And all will be forgiven,
No harsh words will be spoken,
All mistakes will be forgotten,
And only good and truth remembered.


Copyright, Bat

You can’t see me,
I’m hidden.
Hidden behind this smile.
These eyes
Are not the window
To my soul.
For that,
Look to my arms.
They will tell you
Exactly who I am
And how I feel.
But I hide my arms,
So I hide my soul.
I hide my heart,
From you,
From all,
From myself.


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