Copyright, Bloodylover

The popular girl in her stylish clothes
Never felt so alone
Never had to deal with stress
And never, ever was deppressed.

She stares with disgust at the girl
Across the room
Dressed in black from head to toe
With safety pins hanging from her bag and clothes

She knows about this girl
All the scars on her arm
How ugly they are
And how she thinks they are just a cry for attention

The girl in the black
Thats me
And this is about the hell
I’m put through everyday.

All the stares and everyone thing
I cut for attention.
Their wrong
It’s not a cry for attention

But a cry for help


Copyright, Bloodylover

I’ve done it again
Watched the blood run
Emerged from the shadows

Im not gonna kill myself
Even if i try
The only one who can stop me
Is one guy

He cares about me so much
He’s not afraid of me
He knows about my secret
The one that everyone can see.

Those Symbols on Her Arm

Copyright, Bloodylover

Those symbols on her arm
They say things like kill and hate
Those symbols on her arm
They arent there by accident
Those symbols on her arm
They arent a plea for attention but a cry for help
Who is that girl
with those symbols on her arm
It’s me


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