The Last Alternative

Copyright, Brandy

Sharp razor blades. Droplets of blood staining the floor. Intense pain, overwhelming happiness. Problems fading away till it hurts no more. The voices talk within my mind. My heart trapped within steel. Caged and locked away. All the while I’m tearless and fearless. My soul no longer my own. Memories seem to fade away, while the painful memories seem to stay. Dying to cut, dying to bleed. Dying to live in the world beneath me. Down to my last breath, everything behind I have left. Only last option is death…


Copyright, Brandy

The insane thoughts I can’t overcome. These demons control my mind. The bad thought’s are to hard to ignore. Sometimes my emotions flood through the doors of my mind causing me to explode. Crying makes me weak, I eventually fall to the floor. The painful thoughts of self-mutilation are beginning to explore. Razor blades cut so deep and yet it doesn’t hurt. Oddly enough these running red rivulets falling to the floor don’t scare me. In fact they make me smile, make me feel a sense of joy. I feel I have no soul. There’s no way to escape from the terrifying world my mind and heart are trapped within. The pain is my only release of frustration and anger. Don’t be afraid for me ‘cause I’m numb to the pain the razor blades should cause. In fact I adore the scars that have been made. Someday this will all be in the past, but right now it’s the present. I hope that someday that this all fades away. Right now I’m having a blast and it’s my heart that wants it to last. When I finally get bored then this infatuation will pass…


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