My Heart

Copyright Bloodmoon

Memories flash through my mind
Ripping apart my heart piece by piece
Feel like I’m drowning
Just like a child all over again

Always in the dark
Lurking in the shadows
Is where I was kept
Told that life is pain
Necessary pain

No tears allowed to flow
Tears gone cold
My heart in ruins
My strength depleted
My child left to rot


Copyright Bloodmoon

I’m slipping into madness
Blackness closing in all around me

Bright red blood pooling around me
It warms me from the cold graves
That I sit on as I wait for the
Gravedigger who may be coming for me

I sit upon these graves listening
To the cold rotting corpses below me

The madness is coming
The gravedigger is coming

Inner Child

Copyright Bloodmoon

Locked deep down
In a cold dark black room
Alone she sits slowly fading
All has been taken from her
She whispers to mev That she has no fight left in her

Her soul and spirit
Have been ripped from her body
Any dreams she ever had gone
She knows not how to be a child
Turned into an adult at age eight

Childhood gone forever
So in the room she goes
In the room to slowly die
And she is taking me with her


Copyright Bloodmoon

Cutting on my flesh
Flesh of my flesh
Watching it break free
The blood begins to flow
No other feeling like it

So many things flowing through my head
So many things not flowing through my head
So much painv Yet so little pain

Ripping and tearing at my flesh
It’s almost like a rush
Oh so natural to me
So un-natural to others

This is my world of blades
And occasionally glass
I sometimes live and dwell in this place
And to know me is to know this dark side

Desire, Desire

Copyright Bloodmoon

Oh sweet desire to rip into my flesh
Needing to feel the cold blade
Sink into my flesh

Wanting to watch the blood start to flow
Watching it start to pool
Into a beautiful crimson puddle

Desire desire it is a powerful thing
The need to release my pain
So overwhelming

And no other way to do it
But to rip into my flesh
It’s like a drug and I need a fix
But my fix will kill me someday

Desire, Desire, Desire


Copyright Bloodmoon

Climbing my walls
But never reaching the top
Wishing I could fly
So I could soar over them
But all I can do
Is climb and get nowhere

I have such feelings of despair
So tired of getting no where
Ready to smile on the outside
Thinking of death on the inside

Climbing my walls and falling
Back into an abyss of darkness
I climb and claw at the walls
Trying to find my way out
With no success

I am forever lost in the abyss
The darkness has its cold
Clammy death grip on me
It wants me
And it will
Never let me go


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