Brandy M

The Blade

Copyright, Brandy M

As I grab the blade
And press it into my wrist
Watching it pierce my soft skin
Doing this I know I won’t lose
Nor will I win
I watch the blood start to come to the surface
Then slowly drip to the floor
Feeling the pain makes me realize I’m still alive
And that my life isn’t just some messed up dream
My life is really that bad
At first this makes me sad
Then mad
What makes me want to be this way
To hurt myself everyday
To make me want to die today
To not want to be alive
To leave the ones I truly love
Acting this was surely won’t get me up above
But I can’t stop
The pain is addictive
As it runs thru my body
I clean up the blood
And I get rid of the evidence
I hide my scars
And live each day fighting my secret war


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