Black Tears

The Truth Behind the Mask

Copyright Black Tears

Everyone has a secret
Mine are on my wrists
He left me a gift
With every lie he told me, I cut
So for everything he said I have a cut,and a scar
HE told me he loved me, one scar done
He said I will never hurt you, one more scre
He told he he would never leave me, yet another scar
He said he caes, and yet another.

Every lie, ever cut…
I won’t blame him, because he only help.
But he will forever blame himself, for with his love,
He will find me dead.
He will look at me and say “I lost her, becuse I made the scars, it’s my fault”

Fatal Fantasy

Copyright Black Tears

Razor blades cut so deep
Hide your eyes as they weep
Bite the lips to suppress the pain
Watch your life bleed down the drain

Think decay and think rot
Don’t forget to tie the knot
Make sure it’s nice and tight
Get your mind off the height

One swift jump, one swift leap
Shut your eyes and go to sleep
Awaken dead, awaken gone
Life’s noon, it’s another dawn

End it fast and end it quick
When your young and your blood is thick
Don’t expect any sympathy
this is my fatal fantasy


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