Bleeding Freak


Copyright, Bleeding Freak

My happiness that I discovered
My life a lie that was uncovered
Of broken dreams an empty heart
My frozen mind u tore apart
I have no smile cannot express
My feelings stained with bitterness
I am haunted day and night
Can’t spread my wings cannot take flight
Bound by what I’ve promised you
I’m scared by all you’ve put me thru
You chased away my sanity
Played games with my reality
You won’t believe me as I fall
Still captivate my bleeding soul
And every time I close my eyes
I can’t find peace I just c lies
A fragile being starts 2 scream
They won’t believe this girl is me
Drowning in my crimson tears
Manifesting all my fears
Separate voices in my head
Want me 2 pay they want me dead
And now its 2 late so do I
No one comes or hears my cry
Silent whispers watch me break
I’m lost within your mind so fake
Self inflicted misery
I start to see that it’s not me
It is my death and my disease
Watch me crack and watch me freeze
I am so delicate and so frail
So sad and lonely is my tale
Dead inside forever more
The penalty of mental war
Looking at my life so bleak
I’m nothing more than just a freak
I run and run but will not hide
It calls to me my suicide


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