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The first time I cut was in 3rd grade. My parents were fighting, as usual and I was in my mom’s room. I was holding the razor and I thought ‘maybe this will help the pain I’m going through’. So I did it. I cut. And I cut so far the blood started gushing everywhere. I had to get a beach towel and wrap it around my wrists. I am now in 8th grade and I thought in 3rd grade that would be my first and last experience with cutting. Well, that was a lie. I started cutting in the middle of 7th grade because of a break up. I had loved this person dearly and it killed me. I thought I couldn’t live without her. So I cut myself. And I carried a razor with me everywhere I went. Oh, and people were teasing me because I was bi. A couple of chicks at my school came up to me after recess and said ‘don’t you wish your girlfriend was straight like me’. I ran into the gym locker room, pulled out the razor and started cutting. I was also crying, but… I don’t know. I just want help because I know this isn’t healthy. If any of you can help me, IM me or e-mail me at


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