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My name is Mark. I’ve been cutting for about four years now, on and off. I started cutting in 8th grade. Well, it was more like scratching with needles. 8th grade was pretty bad for me because I went through a lot of crap. I had a lot of frends but they just didn’t seem like they would help me get over my emotional pain. 9th grade was even worse, my image was starting to change and so was the people I would hang out with. I got tired of everything, my parents, school, friends etc. And I would always resort to cutting with anything sharp. I didn’t think anybody would understand what I was going through. Then when my frends found out I was cutting and bitched at me for it, it just fueled me on to do it even more. I shut them out from knowing what was going on with me. They always made me feel like the outcast of the group and they still do. I wonder most of the time if they do it on purpose or am I the one making myself an outcast to them and if they do do it on purpose I wonder why am I frends with them. Do I really need to put myself through this crap again? I try to control it now. But sometimes I’ll lose it and cut myself three or four times. But hopefully I’ll stop and learn how to deal with my issues. But if you need help you’re always welcome to ask me. Just e-mail me at


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