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My name is Mic and I’m fourteen years old. I’ve been cutting for two years now but the cuts just seem to be getting worse and worse every night. A month ago I made one cut a night and thought ‘oh my goodness this is so horrible’. Now I make ninety-one cuts a night, and I’m still not satisfied. I haven’t been hospitalised before, but am seriously thinking of doing something to make me. The pain of life is very strong, and that’s why I feel I must cut. My friends think I am stupid for doing it, but they just do not understand. A few of my friends tried it and after a while gave up. They just did it as a fad. Not because they thought they needed or had to do it. It was all sort of a game for them. I am not under any help yet, because I cannot tell my parents because I’m scared of what they will say. But I really want help. And would love to have someone to talk to about it. But I have no one. If anyone needs to talk about it like i do, then please e-mail me. We all can help each other because we understand each other, that’s how I feel at least.


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