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My name is Mistie. I’m fifteen years old, and have been a self-mutilator for two years now. I normally cut myself on my arms and wrists, but sometimes I cut on my ankles. I burn myself too, but not often. My mom found out I cut about six months ago, so she does random body searches every now and then. She gets suspicious when I start wearing my arm bands all the time, or when I wear my hoodie to sleep. It’s my way to relieve myself of stress, people think it’s just for attention, but they don’t understand, no one does. Only a few people know I do this, only because I’m not careful enough with making sure my arms are covered, the only people who know I cut, because I showed them, are my close friends. A few of my friends also cut, but we don’t like do it together or anything, we just kind of keep it to ourselves. Whenever my mom finds a new cut on me, she completely freaks out, but I can understand why. I don’t want to quit cutting, but I don’t want to hurt my mom, or get sent away for it. She keeps threatening to send me away if I keep doing it. I wish she would understand that I need to cut, it’s not ‘the new thing to do’ or ‘an act for attention’, it’s my thing, my way of dealing with shit. I’ve been through counselling for it for like a year now, I’m not going to listen to them, fuck them, I’m gonna do my thing. Anyways, I just needed to get my story out, so people could try to understand.


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