My Story

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I started cutting about six months ago. I remember the day very clearly.

I had heard of this cutting thing some of the girls did at school, but I never thought I’d become a part of it.

I had always been an angry person, I never expressed any emotion when I was angry or upset, so that built up inside me for awhile. and I’ve been suffering from depression for like three years. Anyway, one day last May I got very upset about something, I can’t really remember now, but this was the day the cutting began:

I had my razor I used to shave in my hand, I just stared at it. Wondering if I was really going to do it. Then I did it, dragged it across my arm. I loved the pain, loved the blood, loved the feeling. Loved everything about it.

I’ve been addicted to cutting ever since.

On the outside it would seem I have a great life, I go to a good school, my parents love me and all that, but inside I’m in terrible pain. I had a traumatic, somewhat abusive childhood and I never really got over it. My parents expect so much that I can’t give them, I know they love me but I can’t take the stress they cause me. I am overwhelmed.

If you’re thinking about cutting, don’t ever do it, it’s dangerously addictive and it’s really hard to stop.


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