The Silence Thickens

Copyright, Missy

“Stupid, dumb, emo-fuck”. Don’t judge me by what you see upon my arm.

Do you even know why? You wouldn’t understand anyways, or would you?

Do you think you have the ability or the patience?

Could your mind be as deeply twisted as my own?

Can you actually comprehend this mutilation that I place upon my flesh, the flesh I carry with me at all times.

Could you understand that each memory that I place in a scattered line has a meaning, a story of how it found a way on my skin?

Would you even want to understand?

I don’t need you to feel sorry and I don’t need you to care.

But I don’t want you to think falsely when you don’t even know the first thing about it.

But of course it is your opinion and you may have your mind set.

But get at least one story in before you loose your opinion among the rest.

You may think it’s a trend, a fad, or just because.

To some that may be true, but for me it’s a different tune.

The lights dim and my body sinks to the ground.

My eyes get heavy as this unexplainable emptiness takes over.

The silence thickens in the air, as the past, present, and future all meet together.

What can I do to stop the memories form playing over and over in my head.

What can I do to take my mind off the pain that has been sewin onto my heart wrapping its ends around my soul.

I need something to distract my eyes, distract them from death that wonders so close to my door.

So I take this easy way out, not right for many but it’s the only thing I got.

A blade to your eyes but a petal to mine (a sigh is released) leaving a scar in place of a painful memory.

This colorful poison that arrives on que captures all my senses.

The drops dance in my eyes like they have been waiting to be free.

This was my cure to my sickness that was given to me five years ago and was burning who I was into dust.

“Why” you ask, “what was the cause?” That’s for another book you’ll have to wait for.

But now you have a story to keep in the back of your mind, you can keep your opinion.

But you’re judging, I assure you, doesn’t get me far.

Not that you would care anyway.

Like I said you wouldn’t understand.


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