Game Over

Copyright, Marlene

Tired of feeling the way I do. I do the next best thing than leaving to soon. Some quick long gashes on my arms, legs and breasts. Now I’m not pretty enough for you is that it? Oh I’m too dark and morbid thats right. I’m not miss perfect miss self esteem. I’m just the freaky kid who stands alone. The one who cries at night and cries all day. Leaves the water running so you can’t hear her bare her soul. Her broken soul, aching heart, troubled mind, fearsome eyes. You took her innocence you took her life. I’m sorry that everything I did was wrong. I want this all to be done and over with. I’m a mistake and waste in the world. I want to be numbed of my feelings all I have is pain. The blood seeping through my shirt doesn’t hurt but makes me smile. I’m alive I feel. I’m ashamed. Ashamed of my scars ashamed of myself. My hands shake my eyes lower. It’s time to leave, Game Over.


Copyright, Marlene

I feel so alone I have a story to tell. My words are unspoken my feelings masked. These markings on my body reveal the true form of my soul. Ugly and scarred. I’m nothing. When I press that cold razor to my skin I feel a sense of life. Life is pain and pain I feel. My heart aches for happiness my soul cries for forgiveness. I’m sorry I’m not what you wanted me to be. I’m sorry I’m dying inside. My spirit within is withering away and leaving. I’m no longer a little girl full of smiles I’m a teenage girl with no hopes or desires. I just want to be left alone. I’m just waiting to waste away. Nobody will waste away with me. I just want to be me.


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