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Writing this right now I’m on my fifth or sixth night without sleep, thanks to the Dexedrin and Adderall I stole sometime; a week ago? I’m still high from the bowl I smoked earlier, and with all the diet pills and not eating for maybe 4 or 5 days, I’m not doing too good. I wonder how I got this bad, how much worse things are gonna get because I’m gonna be 16 in 29 days. I don’t know if if I’m going to have any control over anything in my life by then. Things seem to happen so fast now, but everything’s so damn filtered. Unreal. My mom is talking about putting me in a hospital a lot lately, right now she’s drunk and fighting with my dad. All I can think about is the blood and the razor and how they will make me feel more than anyone in the world could ever make me feel. When did this all start? Too many stupid fucking questions that I know I’ll never answer and too few pills to make me concentrate on a solution.


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