Eye Opening

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My name is Michael, I go by pawss2000. I’m a thirty-five year old male from Illinois. The past month and a half have been really hard on me. I am going through a really trying time with my girlfriend. I used to cut about twelve or fifteen years ago as a depressed coping style, but this time was a lot more severe. There has been two instances: The first time I was admitted on my own will for forty-eight hours to the local psych ward, and it did help me then, but I got out and all the dark scary feelings came right back. Then two weeks ago I had taken pills and cut my arms really bad and also my throat. For some reason I was on the web cam with a friend and for some reason it didnt click like ‘duh, they can easily call help for you’, and honestly the one friend that did I was and am very grateful that she did, because the second time I really wanted to die. But anyway, long story short here, the fire department and police came and I was blacked out laying on the floor and they broke down my door literally in the nick of time. Ten more mins would have been too late. My thoughts now are that God had me turn on my cam to my friend to help save me and ever since then I have had a real heart and mind change about my life and things in it so I would like to say this: There is hope and friendship unconditionally in God. Even in the darkest of our days he will be there to help us. Please feal free to IM me in Yahoo or Hotmail, both at pawss2000, if you would like to talk more.


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