Copyright, Leslie

The sharp razor cuts my skin
As a tear rolls down my chin
I’m too numb to realize
What am I doing?
All my cuts keep showing
MY blood seems to keep flowing
I cut again and feel no pain!
I feel like I’m going truly insane!
I drop the blade and blood drips down my arms.
Tears slide off my cheeks, what have I done?
My tears keep flowing behind my tired eyes.
What will I tell everyone? Should I lie?
No one will care, I’ve done it before.
My arms will get scarred! I begin to slash more.
As I lye down in bed, I start to think.
I close my eyes, “If only my life were a dream!”


Copyright, Leslie

Today I felt dead.
I felt dead when I didn’t get up
When I didn’t go to school
When I didn’t talk to my family
When I ate a bag of chocolate on my own
And half a cheese pizza
And a bag of goldfish
I felt dead when I picked up my sister
I felt dead when talking to my friends
But when I had a blade against my skin
I felt alive


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