My Best Friend

Copyright Lost

My best friend stands beside me
Listens without saying a word
She is just like my reflection
She s bigger than life
Blends into her surroundings
Feeling like she is nothing more than air
Goes unnoticed by the world
Without her I wouldn t be the same
The only bad I can find is
At night, when I need her the most
She always disappears
I wish I could cry in her arms
But there is nothing to catch the tears
Besides the ground
And the grass
My shadow

The Monster

Copyright Lost

It is like im on some kind of ride
I know that I deserve this
This torture called life
I know I can not die
So I just live day to day
With a shadow hanging over me
Waiting for the time
For the time I can not take it
When I can no longer hide
Who I really am
This monster lurking inside

Deep End

Copyright Lost

I am already in the deep end
Just waiting for the water
Water to fill my lungs
When I no longer suffer
No longer feel pain
When I stop writhing
All these people around me
Just stare from the edge
No one jumps in to help me
But yet I do not care
I do not want this
The solitude is comforting,
I prefer the torment
And having those around me watch,
Watch me slowly drowning
In my sorrows, fears and tears

The Match

Copyright Lost

The match is struck
The flame burning bright
It s the only way to see
In the dark, dark night
But it only lasts a few short seconds
Then it s gone forever
And you are all alone
Stumbling in the dark again.


Copyright, Lost

God what have I done
That razor was just calling me
So I took it to my skin
The blood pouring out
Relived the pain within
I know that It was wrong
But now my pain is gone
Although I still feel alone
I can deal with it for now
For about an hour
Than that razor will call
And to you I will pray
To take my sins away
But that cut will stay
A reminder of my pain
The way I got it to go away
But I know
The pain will return
And another cut will appear
To take away my pain
To take away my fears

The End

Copyright, Lost

I’m dissapearing
On the inside
Fading away
Into the emptyness
I have become
A life full
Full of lonlyness
No love
But lots of hate
An empty world
Of sadness
Is my fate
Death I welcome
To rid my pain
Now I give
My life away
The the darkness
Death has brought


Copyright, Lost

Later on
When I’m alone
I’ll give myself
To the gun
Put it up
To my head
Pull the trigger
Then I’ll be dead

I’ll use your gun
From the closet
by the door
Its not locked anymore
I found the keys
That you hid
Soon I hope
Not to live


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