Lonely and Blue


Copyright, Lonely and Blue

I think I’m dead.
If not dead, I’m dying.
Your lips are moving.
But I can’t hear your words.
Your warm comforting hugs
are cold and mean nothing.
I can’t cry, for i have no reason to.
I can’t smile, why would I want to?
I’m breathing but i don’t see the need, if I’m dead.
I guess it’s better than hurting.
I think I’m dead.

I Remember the Day

Copyright, Lonely and Blue

I remember the day when everything was o.k.
when it was alright to look at my reflection
when i didnt care what people would say
and when i didnt long for perfection
i rememer the day when the sun would shine
and i’d go out and smile and laugh
when i was content with what was mine
but it’s all in the past
I remember the day when on my arm
there was nothing but a watch and maybe phone numbers in ink
i learned i love to put my body in harm
and watch the blood trickle down the sink
when i light a match and touch it to my skin
the feeling is a comfort i can’t explain
in a moment i cry and smile and the room will spin
i fall asleep in love with pain
and yet i still remember and long for the day
when i accepted this person i call me
when i didnt have to be a specific way
i remember the day that i was completely free.

Can’t Be Me

Copyright, Lonely and Blue

Why the hell are you looking at me?
It’s bad enough to just have you around.
Every time I look at a mirror, you’re what I see
I want you dead.
Why the hell do you smile?
It’s bad enough I dont know how.
I used to, but I forgot after a while
I’ll never be albe to now.
Why the hell are you even allowed to live
You’re a fat pig with no life
You have nothing good in you to give
Isn’t it easier to just depend on the knife?
Why the hell do you mock my ways
And tell me I’m wrong with all that I do
Why will you be around for all of my days
Who the hell are you?
That’s not true, how can this be?
How can you really be me?


Copyright, Lonely and Blue

To please you
To please them
To please who?
To please friends
To please life
To please death
To please pain
To please wrath
To please terror
To please fright
To please hunger
Thinking it will pass in the night.


Copyright, Lonely and Blue

A lit match
A bloody razor
A swallowed pill
A braided rope
Burning skin
A slit wrist
An overdose
A broken neck


Copyright, Lonely and Blue

If you only knew
You’re tearing me up inside.
I have the music blasting
Trying to drown out the pain.
You had my heart
I adored you
But I never told you.
And I think its too late.
If you only knew
You’re tearing me up inside
And you have no clue
All these nights i have cried
No, you had no clue.
But if you only knew
You’re tearing me up inside,
Maybe you’de be around more
And hold me when I’m hurting.
But for now
I’ll let you tear me up inside.


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