Laura M

What Happens

Copyright, Laura M

I bring the needle to my arm,
as it will not do so much harm.
Then a knife that can take everything away,
and I kind of want to live today.
But just with something I need to see,
to remind me how much I can’t take thee.
I want to show you that I am strong,
but I know inside this can’t go on.

So a needle with a flame I tried,
take’s away pain I feel inside.
It doesn’t burn, but only cracks;
my wrist I have decided to attack.
There is no blood, not a cloth I need,
just someone to help me please.
I cannot stop, the wounds they break,
getting larger, yet I do not ache.
So instead I’m digging deeper now,
through my veins, to find you, somehow.
Through this mess of lies I see,
the ugly webs take over me.

I’m tearing now, harder than before,
but now a knock is at my door.
There’s not much time I have to find,
you, the cause of what’s inside.

The knocking ceases and goes away,
I slow down now, to take a break.
But wait, that’s not what I had planned,
why does my brain not work with my hand?
It’s getting hazy I cannot see,
my life it flashes infront of me.
Oh fuck I did not mean for this,
I want to see you, for a goodbye kiss.

I’m sinking down, and not by choice,
I try to whisper, but there is no voice.
I close my eyes and begin to pray,
but no, my death has ended the day.


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