Copyright Lottie

Tracing the designs on the ceiling
with brown eyes, scissors orange
Hang from a pointer finger
their fast and angry
purpose served
uncomfortable burning, Itching slightly
Red, White, and Pink lines
rise and criss cross to an elbow
The lesson is obviously never learned
A trance like state of
A disturbing sence of
A long sleeved shirt with a hole
for the thumb
and scissors put away with
other art supplies
Then it’s out to face the world
Of perfect arms and
brown eyes


Copyright Lottie

Parting for the reddest sea
A quick and sudden cold burning
A run, A drop, Mop it up
—there you go again

Will you go to school in short sleeves
Screaming, shouting ‘look at me!’
With me, no one could ever see
—there you go again

Ashamed? What would your mother say?
‘I do such for you everyday!
I work to feed you, how ingrate’
—there you go again

I have no other choice but to
And no, it’s not because of you
And I don’t need anything
—there you go again

A cat, the stairs, climbing rocks
Cheese grader, wrist bands made of socks
Youre just like them secretly
Oh what would they do if they found out about me?
Because I don’t scream that life is unfair
Because I don’t complain or shave my hair
Because I am quiet and I am sweet
So obviously my life is ‘great’
I can never scream, I can never cry
I wish I could, but I’d feel too guilty to die
Because then who’d get all this stuff done?
so there I go again.


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