Copyright, Lilly

Childhood Friend

The moment that i saw you
we were only very young
i knew that we’d be friends forever
the 2 of us were 1.

From being little kids
to our teenage years
we shared are secrets, hope
and dreams,
we even shared our fears.

We told each other stories
we even went for walks
when we felt upset or down
we’d have sweet, caring talks.

“Gem, you know i love you!”
you’d tell me as i cry
“you know i love you too” i’d say
and best friend never lie.

As teenagers you’d take me out
they thought i was your gal
little did they know
i was just your bestest pal.

In the summer we’d spend each day
enjoying our time together
you’d chase me round, you’d make me laugh
no matter what the weather.

I remember when you went to uni
you were so excited
your whole life ahead of you
no-one knew you like i did.

Just 3 weeks later i got a call
to say you’d left for good
and from that day i knew i’d lost
my best friend from childhood.

The days go by and on life goes
and not a second i dont think
about my friend who cared for me
he is my missing link.

The day i saw you lying still
you were only very young
i knew my friend had gone forever
‘Us 2’ is back to one!


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