Copyright, Lauren

you sit there, alone in the dark
with that blade, u contiplate
should u press down and leave a mark?
just to express all your self hate
crimson tears run down your cheek
no one around to save you from yourself
to others you may seem down and weak
your feelings are always stored on the shelf
you start to tear open your skin
blood starts to run down your arm
no one quite understands where youve been
so to yourself you have caused the harm
You just want to scream, and run
away from the problems — away from life
your emotions, have come undone
now you’re left with nothing but strife
when will you stop doing this to yourself?
one day everything will be okay
take your feelings off that shelf
this isnt where you need to stay.


Copyright, Lauren

My time here is panic
due to my predictions
about my life about my mind
and of my self convictions
My sinking heart and troubled
soul of what I cant imagine
then reality brings back to me
the vision of my madness.

Please tie me up and silence
me and bring me to the River
drown my thoughts and turn my face
to the one who knew me never

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Copyright, Lauren

Who’s that girl
standing there
staring back at me

She screams she cries
She curses back at me

Full of hate are her eyes
She hopes she dies

Shes losing hope
Shes drowning in pain

What is her problem?
Why is she filled with such hate?

Only God knows
She hates me from my head to my toes

I hate her, she hates me back, its an endless cycle

So you ask, “mirror mirror on the wall who’s that girl, screaming back at me?”
Wait a second, thats me…


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