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The knife will cut
The blood will drop
The scars will stay
The pain wont stop

The hurt will show
Through my eyes
The scars will stay
Without the lies

No one understands
I really dont care
If you see my scars
Please dont stare

I cant explain
I cant stop
I just cut
And watch the blood drop


Copyright LostnTorturedSoul

I sit and think about my life
About the time that passes by
The time is worthless now that it’s gone
But I’ll have these memories for so long
They will stay in my head
Some are good and some I dread
Memories are great things
Even though they might cause pain
They can be good or bad
Or maybe even happy and sad
Sometimes they make me cry
I feel as if I could die
But then again some make me glad
It s like happiness I never had
At times I wish they weren’t true
But I guess they will have to do
If we didn’t have memories
I couldn’t imagine what our life would be
So I just sit and think about my life
About the time that passes by

My Life

Copyright LostnTorturedSoul

< I lie here and think about my life
about the time that passes by
I hate myself and hate the knife
that I use to take my life
I don’t know when I will truly die
but for now I just sit and cry


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