A Lost Angel


Copyright A Lost Angel

It’s the feel of the razor as it hits my wrist
It’s the pain that seems to go away like this
It’s the craziness that runs through my head at first
It’s the burning of my throat as i crave this thirst
It’s all my fears and worries I hide
It’s a process people try known as suicide


Copyright A Lost Angel

Staring at these walls of darkness,
Memories start to fade away
Thoughts of death flash before you
Wondering what it’s like
Where do you go?
What do you become?
It would only make things worse.
So why do it?
Life is full of questions.
But you’ll never know the answers,
Until you look at the consenqueces!
Alone again,
Thinking aobut making things better,
Instead of staring at these walls of darkness,
There’s a little light on them now,
And you smile and start to cry.
It’s then you know,
You’ve done the right thing.

My Solitude

Copyright A Lost Angel

the tears come just as quickly as they can be swept away
as the stinging sensation intenses
as the razoe goes deeper
she sits
the tears come
the blood flows
she sits in solitude
she thinks about what she has done
she thinks about how much her mother loves her and how much her father doesn’t even care,
she bleeds
the faintness is creeping slowly as the blood leaves the wound
the tears have stopeed
it seems as every liquid in her body is flowing out of her masterpiece
My Solitude Is Complete


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