Copyright Lilith

An icy edge
Slicing through my arms
Pain screaming in my veins
Peeling back the layers
Of my stark pale skin

The blood
Snaking down my arm
In rivers
Twisting and writhing
Like some primal thing

Staining my nails crimson
Like strawberry juice
Spurting down my chin
When I take a big bite
And it’s all sweet and fruity

But if I lick it away
Its metallic taste just burns my throat
And it wells up again
Its scarlet beads
Shining like rubies
Through my torn flesh

It is my pain
It is my hurt
God it hurts
Let it all out
Got to get it out
Cause I can’t live with the pain

It doesn’t matter
Never matters
Hide away the knife
Hide away the ugly scars
Hide it all away from staring eyes

I’ll lie
I’ll deny
Till I drain my body dry
Let me die
Cause it doesn’t matter
I don’t matter


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