Copyright Lee

Light once showed but is fading fast
I know that my happiness has past
I hate to live, hate to exist
Is that what makes me cut my wrist?
The well-known darkness is encasing me
Showing me all my misery
I don’t understand why it does this
Why does it make me cut my wrist?
I’m sorry mum, I’m sorry dad
I know I sometimes treat you bad
I’m sorry to put you through all this
I’m sorry that I cut my wrist
I tried to stop it but it took control
It took my mind, it took my soul
What did I forget, what did I miss?
Tell me, what makes me cut my wrist?
My pain forever etched on my arm
I hate the hurt, but like the harm
I’ve lost myself inside of this
Why did I have to cut my wrist?
Enjoying my life is in the past
Happiness stayed a while, but couldn’t last
I tried to succeed, but I missed
And that is why I cut my wrist.


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