Copyright Lizzar

A moment of time,
it’s all it take,
to free yourself,
from the frounts and the fakes.

Just do it already,
stop prolonging the pain,
you tried getting help,
but it was all in vain.

This is the answer,
this is the real you,
you can do it tonight,
no one even has a clue.

* * *

it’s your time now,
just feel the power,
no longer will you feel,
or look so sour.

there it is,
just watch it come out,
the crimsom liquid,
flowing out of it’s spout.

now it’s time to relax,
just rest and go to sleep,
don’t worry about someone,
finding you in motionless heap.

For you’ll be to far gone,
you won’t even know.
your life was a game,
of not a frind but a foe.

And now you are free,
from the life you would’ve led,
cause thanx to your conscience,
you are already dead.


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