Only in Death

Copyright, Louisa

Only in the pain of death can we be happy
Only in the confines of coffins can we be free
Only when our hearts beat no more
Can they heal and allow our minds to see

Only when we’re gone can our presence really be here
Only when we’re among ghosts can we begin to lose our fear
Only when we’ve failed our lives can we really pass the test
Only when we’re burning can we let our souls rest

Only when others feel our pain can we ever cease to cry
Because the only way to live is to slit your wrists and die

Ending it All

Copyright, Louisa

God, here I stand,
With this gun in my hand.
I find myself wanting to do it,
Just end it all with a bullet.
Hate, failure and love put the barrel in my mouth,
I’m scared cause I can pull this trigger ~I have no doubt.
I can’t take the pain, it keeps hitting me over again,
This road wasn’t in my plan.
The gun still in my hand,
don’t believe me? Then watch me do it,
Watch me end it all with a BULLET.


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