Please Take my Life

Copyright, LtlbitH

All the pain you’ve caused
hurts so bad i want to cry
and other times the pain
makes me want to die

so i take the razor
blade and press it in
and i watch the red blood
flow from with in

every night when i go home
i take my razor blade
wishing and hoping that
my life will soon fade

my pains have caused
me not to sleep
so i take the blade
and press it in real deep

theres nothing i want except
for my life to end
theres no one left to
help me mend

I’ve tried everything to
try and make the pain stop
but now the razor blade
is all I’ve got

you don’t know what its like
to fall asleep not wanting to wake
just waiting for death, your life to take.

mom please stop hurting me
every tear burns as it falls to the ground
i run to my room and try not to make a sound

she finds me and hits me even more
some of the skin on my face is already tore

she its me because I’m failing school
she calls me a mistake and a fool

I’m trying to get away from her she makes me hurt so bad
me being in her life really makes her mad

she tells her friends that I’m nothing but a waste
thats why she yells and hits me in the face

she its me in the arm, the leg and the back
she said she doesn’t hurt me that my pain is just an act

she tells me i better get my grades up fast
but i can’t do that when I’m always thinking about the past

she has hit me so many times this year
loosing my life is the thing i do fear

my friends tell me to call CPS on her
but i don’t want to live in a house where i have to say yes mam and yes sir

only a few of my friends know what she does to me
i want to get away from her and be free

she makes me cry myself to sleep at night
shes making me struggling to live with all of my might.

Please Help Me

Copyright, LtlbitH

please help me dry my tears
please help me drive away my fears
please help me get rid of this depression of mine
please help me so my life isn’t such a waste of time
please help me when i ask you too
i need your help and you know that i do
you try to act like my pain isn’t there
even though you don’t say it i know you care
please help me so my life doesn’t split in two
please help me so i know what to do
please help me the light is going away
please help me don’t leave but stay
please help me now i need you too
please help me I’m becoming lost without you

I Want my Life to End

Copyright, LtlbitH

My mom thinks that she can figure it out
but she doesn’t know what my pains are all about
she tells me to write about something glad
but i can’t help it when I’m always feeling mad
my boyfriend left me, my friends did too
no there gone and i don’t know what to do
she told me to go to a doctor and I’ll see
how much my life truly means to me
i know its important and i want to stay
but how can i do that when there’s no path that goes that way
i smile at school and say my pain isn’t there
why do i tell them its not like they care
no one ever thought this pain would come to me
i use to be so happy and always so free
but when high school came along the way
the pains grew deeper day after day
when my sister and i were little we made a pack
now shes saying my pain is just an act
shes never had pain just like this
she told me to stop acting stupid and so childish
i wish my mom and my sister could see
how much i want this pain to be gone from me
i want to end my life its true
theres nothing left i have to do.


Copyright, LtlbitH

I’m numb
nothings real
bad pain i feel
can’t hurt
can’t cry
show weakness
wanna die
bad thoughts
cut away
i don’t
wanna stay
gotta go
nobody cares
life is
not fare
no good
in life
cut with
the knife.


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