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Wake Up…

There I go again, reaching for the knife
I never though, but it’s controlling my life
Each time, I am using it for a easy root out
But it would be easier to scream and shout
It like an addiction some kind of super drug
To carry this on I must be a right mugg
But it feels so good, feels like I’m free
I know I am trapped, it’s just not me
I want to be released I want to let go
Every time I do, I cant I get caught in the flow
I want to scream I want to cry
And even sometime I just want to die
Every time, I feel like shit
I need to cut, feel that extra hit
I want to stop, I need to quit
I need to give up that extra bit
The pain is good, like a sweetie
To some it does seam plain creepy
Then one day I just took it way to far
I went for a drive in my fathers car
Took out my knife, saw the blade shine
And thought if god can take your life, I can take mine
I hate it being without you
Just one cut, ok then, but only two
More and more, till I can’t take anymore
I can’t even open the car door
I just sit there bleeding to death
Getting colder and colder out of breath
Then I roll over out of bed, and cry
I really don’t want to die
I will stop now, right this very day
I will go out in the sun, be happy and play


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