Copyright, Lin

I woke up this morning
and picked up my knife
and a voice said to me
“forget about life,

forget about grieving,
forget about pain
forget about asking
for help once again

you’re a phantom, a demon,
simply a dream,
and you are nothing
like what you seem

a fleeting memory
of the ones you don’t know
a red, wilting rose
that never did grow

a silencing echo
that never did sound
and the thing never lost
that never was found

so take up that knife,
you know you must fall;
but it won’t hurt cuz you
never existed at all”

i cut through fake skin;
spill the fake blood,
cry with fake eyes
a fake, tearless flood

a slit on the ankle
a slash on the wrist;
I’m just one more demon
that no one will miss


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