First Flight

Copyright Rae

Can you see my regret,
written on my face,
buried under my skin?
Can you see my betrayal
gathering behind my eyes?

And now you question me.
And in your voice,
your cold hard voice.
Your voice that slits wrists,
and pours acid down throats.
You say,
‘What is your pain?’

And as the fluorescent lights
that crackle and glare,
and shine a dim light over everything,
continue to the world lifeless.
And as my heart
continues the mundane task
of pumping life into my
dead body.
And as my regret continues to dig itself deeper
into my face.
And as your piercing stare
continues to shatter me,

words of pain
slip through my vocal cords,
saunter up my acid-filled throat,
and crawl through my lips.
Hear the screams?
My words are setting fire
to all who hear them.

And you continue to stare at me
with your
machete eyes.

And now I realize
that soon I will shatter,
and all that is left of me
will be pieces of
broken glass.


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