One More Slice

Copyright, Rosie

The pain is so intense inside
It’s driving my mind insane
The only way to escape it
Is by inflicting outer pain

The first cut is usually little
Something small to begin the madness
Soon the blood begins to seep
Now I start to feel the sadness

One cut, two cuts
Deeper and deeper it goes
The blade just slices my skin away
Until the flesh beneath it shows

Now here comes the part
Where I feel some peace come over me
All the feelings have been released
Now everyone can see

One more slice, that’s all I need
It’s like an addiction for me
I need my fix every day
Just for a taste of reality

When it’s all over, I look at the blood
I see what is done to my skin
I hate what I’ve done, I want to stop
But it’s the only way to release what’s within

I don’t know how much longer
I can continue to live this lie
I don’t know how much longer
I want to hide this pain inside

I’m crying out loud now
I’m crying out to you
Save me from this hell I’m in
Someone save me soon

Can’t You See

Copyright, Rosie

I don’t know what you think of me
I don’t really care
Yet you still mock me
Still people stand and stare

My arms are in tatters
My ankles, thighs and hips
I cant take much more of it
Yet you make your snide little quips

It’s a game of cat and mouse
But you a tiger
I can escape this torment
Even when I try you pull me back
And still I wonder why

Can’t you leave me here to wallow by my self?
“No” you jeer, “we’re having too much fun”
Fun you call it this is not fun
You make me what I am and still you poke fun?
Can’t you see I cannot win so why even try?
They call me names
They beat me up
But when it comes down to it
I have the last cut

She Knows

Copyright, Rosie

As I go in I hear her scream
Not in pain
Not in fear
The relief flows

She is addicted she knows it
I penetrate her beautiful flesh
She does not see this she sees
Her pain
Her sorrow
Her hatred

All go
Trickling down me
Past me
All around me

It’s the end
She knows it
She can’t go on
She knows it

She feels a rush of courage
She stabs me down
Down it to her perfect skin
Down, down, down

I reach her heart
I penetrate
This is it
the end
She lets go
She falls
I fall
She is motionless
She has gone
No pain
No fear
Just relief

What’s the Harm?

Copyright, Rosie

Can you feel it?
Can you see it?
It’s there
right in front of you
Look at it
YOU did that
It’s all your fault
You deserve it
Your ugly
Why would someone want you?
This is what you are
You can kid your self
But you know you are
Therese no escape
You need this
You want this
So why stop
The damage is done
What’s the harm?


Copyright, Rosie

As she lies in bed wishing for death
looking around her she sees it
the mess that is her life
she feels it
she likes it
she waits and
waits but
death doesn’t come tonight
she hopes to herself
Maybe tomorrow I will die
if only if only
she drifts of and she is gone
gone from the pain
the hurt
the heartache
she is free, free
from this misery she calls life


Copyright, Rosie

Watch it drip
watch it pour
this is what you have done
Feel proud?
Feel good?
Feel pretty?
Who will want you?
You’re a mess
you’re a wreck
your ugly
You’re hideous
How can you delude your self?
What makes you feel like this?
Do you like being ugly?
Does it make your feel good?


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