Reapers Scythe

My Only Enemy

Copyright, Reapers Scythe

All the pain inside my head
Will soon be cuts all on my skin
I show you scars you drop my hand
I knew you wouldn’t understand
Because no one understands
These are my scars
Crisscrossing my flesh in pale white bars
I don’t tell my tale with pride
Because I’m so ashamed deep inside
They are not my battle scars from wars of long ago
And I will always be the only one to know
For my sickness and me there is no help
Because my only enemy is myself.


Copyright, Reapers Scythe

Can you see my broken body
Can you sense my broken mind?
My eyes cannot see anything
As my blood and tears combine.

I’ve been struck by Cupid’s arrow
And I’m crying out in pain
I tear my skin to get it out
My vengeance falls like rain.

Bloody Cupid, curse your soul
May someone pluck your wings
This love you’ve put inside my heart
Hurts more than anything.

I just want to tell John how I feel
I just want to steal a kiss
But I feel unworthy in his sight
So I know I can’t do it.

Journal Of My Wrists

Copyright, Reapers Scythe

Trickling Pain
Running down my arm
Meeting in the crook of my elbow
Freed Pain
Freed from the confines of peachy pale flesh
Soft, vulnerable skin
Prone to acts of destruction and violence
Guilty Pain
Hide the cuts and scars made
By a silver weapon used
In a way it’s not supposed to be used
Bloody Pain
All my life
Written with scars
On the Journal Of My Wrists


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