I Hate You

Copyright, Rianne

I hate you I hate you
Shit can t you see
What is this? Who are you?
Please, won t you leave me
I wish I could watch from a distance apart
You fall to the floor as I pierce through your heart
I cry and cry but your oblivious to me
Why do this? Why live this? Why suffer in me?
I wish I could take your face in my palm
And open your eyes whilst being calm
But I suffer in depth the multiple pains
Of being left in these states of shame
My wings are torn, they re broken apart
My freedom has shattered along with my heart
Fallen to pieces in a long hollow end
How is my heart supposed to mend
A drop falls from a heavenly sky
I look up, to see a bird fly
He drops a letter in the fold of my lap
The letter and I have a weird sense of gap
I open it up to see what it reads
My muscles ache as I try to breath
It tells me to write something for them
The others, which live I am leaving them
I write in depth and with beats of my heart
I must make it short but I say a lot
dear mom I luv you and hope you love me too
I live for you, breath for you and die for you too,
Dad I miss your hugs, and that you re my baby girl smile
I havent seen it, havent listened its been quite a while
This letter is here to let you know
No longer I live and this is my note
Im sorri to you whom I have not treated right
Im sorry to you whom I have broken the light
I thank you to those who have listened to me
Who ve stood up, defended and loved me endlessly
To make this short I would like to say
Good bye but good luck ur baby girl all the way
As I watched the angels take me up above
And the letter be sent to those whom I love
I wouldn t change one thing about my life
Except the thought of taking that knife
Mommy forgive me I pray to you so
Forgive my sins and live now I must go


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