Screaming Red

Copyright, Rin

I don’t know all that happens,
But I’ll tell you what does;
I like to feel a little pain,
I’m comforted by the blood.
I don’t know how it started,
Only that it did.
There’s something about the razor
As it glides across my skin.
I feel a tinge of hurt,
Then I see seeping red.
I close my eyes and breathe,
Then lay back in bed.
Eventually I get up
When the cuts have become dry.
I wash the blood away,
And with it goes my high.
I get back to my room
And turn the T.V. on,
And I hope that someday
These feelings will be gone.
But for now I will cut
To relieve feelings from within,
Knowing that tomorrow,
I’ll just do it again.


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