Copyright, Ramie

The day is over
Go to bed
Time is wasting
Lay down your head
Dream love, Dream away
Forget the pain
Suffer another day
Imagine the time
When things were alright
When love was present
And you did not cry
Sleep my dear
Dream away
Close your eyes
Cut another day
Look at the scars
Remember the pain
The blood that was drawn
And the years you wasted away
Run your fingers over the scabs
The blood is dry and the skin is dead
No feeling anymore
Will someone wake me up?
Nothing to hold on to…
Nothing to help me control
What my mind makes up…
Looking at the blade again
I try to avoid the confrontation
To late, already near
Can feel the sharpness
The pain will disappear
Controling my thoughts now
What have I done?
Another time has come
When I rejected the sun
Back in the dark
Work wasted away
Hiding in the corner
With nothing to say…
When I cut
I shut all the doors
No one will get in,
And I will never get out…
Imagining how much time is left
Counting the days as they go by
Writing on the wall with the powdery white chalk,
One year, two months, twenty two days…
That is how long
that I have shut the door…
I will keep on counting
The time is sure to come
When I am released,
And I go see the sun…


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